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From 1924 ...

From 1924, the Sandgate Turf Club fielded teams in the Q.C.A. "B" and "C" Competitions under the auspices of the Toombul Electorate (now district) Cricket Club. From 1933/34 to 1939/40 these Grades became Reserve and "B" Grades. Teams were known as Sandgate (2 years), Toombul No. 2 until 1931/32, then as Toombul-Sandgate. By courtesy of the parent Club, one of its delegates to the Q.C.A. in some years was a Sandgate club member.

During the years 1940/41 and 1941/42, the Q.C.A. competition was restricted to three grades - "A", "B" and "C". Sandgate Turf Cricket Club competed in those years but did not field a team in 1942/43 and 1943/44 when the competition was for "A" and "B" Grades only. A new start was made in the 1944/45 year when a Toombul-Sandgate Cricket Club team competed in the "B" Grade competition. It used, by courtesy of the Toombul Club, the Toombul No. 2 ground as its home ground in that year. One team was fielded in "B" Grade in 1945/46 and one in the resumed reserve grade in 1946/47.


In the 1947/48 season, under the name Toombul-Sandgate District Cricket Club, the numbers increased. From the 1949-58, four teams were fielded in Reserve, "B" and "C" Grades. In 1959/60 and in 1960/61, three teams were in those 3 grades and one in the Intermediate Grade.


From the 1949/50 season to 1961, by invitation a delegate of the Toombul-Sandgate District Cricket Club attended the Executive Meeting of the Toombul District Cricket Club in most years. From 1951 to 1961, by invitation of the Q.C.A., a representative of the Toombul-Sandgate District Cricket Club attended, without voting rights, the delegate meetings of the Q.C.A. Later in this period, Club Sub-Committee Meetings for the drawing up of fixtures were also attended.


'Full District' status

Application for full District Club status was first made in the 1953/54 season. The Sandgate-Redcliffe District Cricket Club was enrolled as a Club with full District Club status at the Q.C.A. Annual Meeting on the 8th August 1961.

23 & 30 September 1961

Sandgate-Redcliffe 7 for 267 def Wynnum Balmoral 238


Structure of teams

There have been several changes to the structure of teams since Sandgate-Redcliffe District Cricket Club entered the competition. These being Schoolboy Grade came into competition in 1962/63 and ceased at the end of 1974/75, Under 19 commenced on Sundays 1969/70 and ceased 1973/74 and returned again in 1980/81, 'Fifth' Grade entered in 1979/80, Under 18 ceased at the end of 1991/92 and 'Sixth' Grade replaced that grade in 1992/93, Under 16 commenced on Sundays in 1991/92.


Junior teams

The Club took the major step in August 1991 in setting up a junior base with the introduction of a Junior Sub-Committee. Six teams played during that season in the Under 9's to Under 16's on Saturday mornings.



At the Annual General Meeting on the 26th July 1992, Sandgate-Redcliffe District Cricket Club became an Incorporation.


First women's cricket side

In line with development in all areas of cricket, the club fielded their first Women's Cricket side for the 1995/96 season.


1st 'First Grade' Premiership

In the 100th season of the Brisbane Grade competition (1997/98) 'First' Grade won the clubs' first 1st Grade Premiership. The achievement was made more historic as the final was played on Queensland Cricket's new headquarters, Allan Border Field at Albion.

Clubhouse & Ovals

On the 3rd December 1983, the Clubhouse 'The HR Tanner Complex' situated on Albury Oval was officially opened.

During the 1987/88 season, the Brisbane City Council changed the name of Deagon No. 2 to 'Dixon Oval'.

In September 1995, Deagon No. 3 Oval was officially named the 'Trevor Barsby Oval'.

The Club during the 2015/16 season, through several grant applications, was able to install lighting on 'Kent Oval', part of the 'Trevor Hohns Field' and over the synthetic practice wickets.

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